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 Radoslaw Jerzy Utnik
 M.Psych (Hons, Clinical), MBA, BBA (Hons)
Member of:
The Polish
Sexological Society
The Polish
Psychological Society
Tuesday till Friday
6 & 7 p.m.
Saturday mornings
on request

Medical Center
Doktor A

tel. 22 205 08 01 tel. 22 773 23 13
ul. Trakt Brzeski 57 B
Warsaw (Wesoła)
Route & map

Appointment 50 min.:
200 zł
(Valid from 22 Sept 2013 until further notice)

Looking for a partner?

While I was thinking of the issues discussed at the office I started considering why some couples need only few sessions to have successfully dealt with their problems while others need working on them a bit longer. Why some find their matches almost at the first sight but the choices of others seem to be more accidental? Would it be possible to support individuals in finding their best matches at the very beginning? Perhaps they wouldn't fall in love with those who it is difficult to communicate with?
The problem has been succesfully solved. Having based on the view on personality according to Hipocrates, works of John Holland and partner matching concepts verified in the studies of Florence Littauer and Helen Fisher I worked out a new computer-aided psychological test supporting couple matching. The Polish version of test is available today. The English version will be available soon.
Use this powerful tool to save time and make a better choice. The candidates who aren't on the same wavelength will be simply eliminated at the very beginning.
Enjoy your dates!
Partner: Doskonał
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